May 21: Meet & Honor McKibben, Royster, Wilansky

And Sow the Seeds of Transformative Leadership

The Shalom Center invites you to meet and to honor three crucial activists who “Sow the Seeds of Transformative Leadership” at a celebration on Sunday May 21, 2017 in Philadelphia (Miskhan Shalom 4101 Freeland Ave, Roxborough neighborhood 19128):

Dinner: A dinner where registrants will be able to meet each other and our three honorees, 5-7pm.  
Please be aware that space is limited and that on 5/8/17, if space is still available, the contribution level increases.  Click here to Register Now!
Honor Event A shared conversation in which the three honorees will talk with each other and other attendees, in the host congregation’s sanctuary, 7-9 pm.
Please be aware that fot the Honor Event as well, space is limited and that on 5/8/17, if space is still available, the contribution level increases. Click here to Register Now!


Space is available in the tribute book to publicize your organization and/ or offer tribute to the honorees.

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Below: Bill McKibben, world-renowned leader of and of campaigns against the Keystone XL Tar Sands dirty-oil Pipeline —  shown here (R) with Aaron Mair (L) , president of the Sierra Club;


Below: Bishop Dwayne Royster (in center of photo, with sunglasses), political director of PICO, the national umbrella for religious congregation-based community organizing, with a special concern for and involvement with African-American and Latino communities;

Below: Sophia Wilansky (after the police attack that mangled her left arm), with Ramapough Chief Dwaine Perry. Wilansky is the young anti-pipeline organizer who, after stints working against oil-delivery pipelines in New England and New York, came to Standing Rock as a Water Protector and was cruelly wounded by the militarized police. 

For us at The Shalom Center, she is a wonderful example of a Jewish activist who translates Jewish values into support for oppressed communities and for our wounded Mother Earth. Especially as we approach Passover, we not only look backward to remember thos who resisted the ancient Pharaoh -- but look foward to those who continue to challenge the Corporate Carbon Pharaohs of today.

We are especially conscious that on the very land where we will honor these three, the original land-holders, Earth Protectors, were the Indigenous Nations.

To Sow -- and to Grow

Why are we creating this event?  We have three goals, as we all face the most important political, cultural, ecological, and spiritual crisis of our lifetimes:

(1) To raise money to make it possible for The Shalom Center to respond in life-giving ways to our heightened, worsened  crisis.

(2) To make available the wisdom of our three inspiring honorees to strengthen the ability of our members to act.

(3) To make it possible for people at the event itself and others who can tune in to choose to take action through social media that very evening and in the days soon after.

Three aspects of the event are:


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We are living in the midst of a profound political, social, ecological, and spiritual crisis. To meet that crisis, the net proceeds of this celebration will benefit the on-going work of The Shalom Center in two directions: Seeding and Weeding.

  • Sowing seeds of social change toward racial, religious, economic, & gender justice;  compassion; and democracy, including action to heal our wounded Mother Earth and the human communities under threat of climate chaos; and
  • Weeding out  efforts at top-down, anti-democratic domination and subjugation of Earth and human earthlings.



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