MLK Haftarah: Woven by Hazzan Jack Kessler from Several Prophetic Passages

MLK50 Haftara recording.

MLK50 Haftara trop in PDF form.

[Hazzan Jack Kessler and Cantor Abbe Lyons are developing a new genre of Haftarot -- Prophetic readings for use on Shabbat morning prayer services -- that are in English, are chanted in Haftarah trope, and are prophetic words spoken or written by persons who may have been from a spiritual tradition other than Judaism, or may be in English translation from a Jewish Prophet or prophetic voice.  This particular Haftarah is woven by Hazzan Kessler from passages of several different speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King. We suggest using it on the Shabbat of Martin Luther King Birthday weekend or a Shabbat close to April 4, the anniversary of Dr. King's death. -- AW, editor]


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