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What have you done today to make the world safe for democracy?
Opinion piece by Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay, the associate dean of The Rabbinical School of The Jewish Theological Seminary who has been pursuing social-justice issues as a religious leader throughout her career.

Did You Know?
School of the Americas Watch documentation detailing the ways U.S. has historically contributed to destabilization of other countries.

Press release for action at ICE Philadelphia office.

What Others Have Said About Immigration
Quotes from political leaders, clergy, and people directly impacted.

Shalom Center Actions
I, Arthur, am startled by the attention the social media have given my arrest on Friday June 29, 2018 for blocking the entrance way to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) office in Philadelphia.

Five others (including Rabbi Phyllis Berman, my life-partner and the veteran of having founded and for 37 years directed an extraordinary school for newly arrived refugees and immigrants) were arrested as well, and about 60 more people were in the crowd that took a strong part and chose not to be arrested.

Links to some videos of the action follow. In the last one, I address the police directly. It was after I mentioned the criminal act at the border of ripping a nursing baby from his/her mother’s breast that I saw one of the arresting policewoman tear up.

Address to police video

Arrest video

Slate article

An article Phyllis Berman and Arthur Waskow wrote, drawing on Phyllis’ experience with refugees and immigrants, and both our experiences with Torah and Jewish history.

Finally, it’s important for me to say, even repeat, that at The Shalom Center we need the help of you, our members and supporters, in order to keep this work alive and growing.  The summer is notoriously “dry time” for contributions  -- but the need for them is growing as the US government worsens its attacks.  Please click the maroon button on the left, to contribute.

Thanks! And shalom, salaam, paz, peace! – to all of us. - Arthur