Renew our Joy, Protect Our City

Renew Our Joy in Passover, Holy Week, & Spring:

Protect Our City from the “Plague” of Explosive Oil Trains

Thursday, April 10, Noon-1 pm

Philadelphia Energy Solutions, 1735 Market St, Philadelphia, PA

Non-violent spiritually-based action

to heal our city and our planet

Prayerfully protest the plagues Philadelphia Energy Solutions is bringing upon Philadelphia and the world

  • Just as ancient Israelite protesters led by Moses and Miriam gathered to challenge the Pharaoh whose arrogance and cruelty were bringing plagues on Ancient Egypt and
  • Just as protesters led by Jesus gathered on Palm Sunday, just before Passover 2,000 years ago to protest the oppression of the Roman Empire.

To honor Palm Sunday and Passover, gather with The Shalom Center, Philadelphia Chapter- Interfaith Power & Light, and folk of many religious, spiritual, and ethical communities.  We will:

  • Share the Matzah, the unleavened bread that was baked in haste to make possible the Exodus from slavery and that today reminds us of the fierce urgency of Now.
  • Wave the Palms that bring green growing life into our hands and city.
  • Lift up the Globe, symbolic of the sacred earth on which we live.
  • Remember and pour out in sorrow the blood spilled by Plagues ancient and Plagues modern.

We demand:

  1. All shipments of explosive shale oil stop, throughout our country.
  2. Carlyle shift its investments from deadly Carbon to job-creating wind and solar energy.
  3. Philadelphia City Council prepare, publish, and practice detailed plans for saving nearby lives and neighborhoods in case of an oil train disaster.
  4. The City Council insist that CSX, the owner of the railroad track for these oil trains, undertake and pay for massive repairs to its tracks, bridges, etc. to prevent disaster.
  5. The City Council insist that the Department of Transportation halt use of railroad tanker cars that are unfit to transport explosive oil and are therefore prone to explosion.

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